Seeing Sounds

A brilliant young mind sits listening to music; eyes closed, he turns inward, settling into the melody flowing from the speakers. Weary from questioning the contradicting realities of the mature world, music is a welcome escape. Unbeknownst to him, things are about to elementally change - as the boy listens, colorful fractal patterns start to appear, dancing and breathing in his mind. Splashes of blue, silver and green move sympathetically with the sound, transforming him organically, music and color becoming forever connected in his mind and vision.

So began the syntaesthesic music journey of Abhinav, the artist/creator of Seeing Sounds, whose transformative modern chillout EP, “Evolve”, is being released when perhaps, the world needs it most. "My goal musically is to help improve someone’s day or impart positivity,” says Abhinav. “The right music can augment any situation, and that augmentation is infinitely scaleable as the music makes it way around the world.” This viewpoint is no surprise, as Abhinav’s life journey has taken him from New Orleans to Greece and the UK, Miami and Los Angeles. Pulled internally by two tides, he was educated as a master healer, and as a DJ performing around the globe. These two fields require total passion and dedication to craft; uniquely, Abhinav has been able to meld these disciplines to create music that makes the listener feel better on an organic level.

While “Evolve” musically resides in the ambient chillout genre, peripheral flavors of jazz and a desi vibe drift in and out of the five tracks on the E.P., an undercurrent of natural sonic energy throughout. "I don’t formally compose or premeditate music, I start with a beat, melody or sample, my composition technique is free flowing,” says Abhinav. “I purely express my feelings and translate them into sound, taking the listener on a colorful journey of emotions - feelings we all share as human beings.” Influenced by artists as diverse as Talvin Singh, F.K.J. (French Kiwi Juice) and friend/mentor the legendary British DJ/Producer/Musician LTJ Bukem, Abhinav’s Seeing Sounds “Evolve E.P” melds diverse musical ingredients to deliver a record that can soundtrack a summer sunrise on Ibiza or a 3 a.m. top-down run on Mulholland Drive.

Abhinav’s syntaesthesia imparts itself potently on his new E.P. While solid bass grooves underpin the five tracks on “Evolve” cohesively, each musical interlude has a singular, colorful personality. Track one, “Harpoon”, sounds like the “single”, upbeat and sparkling with harp plucks, laidback horn and percussion. "Cosmos” is the “clubbiest” track, with tablas, Rhoads inflections and upfront female vocals, ripe for a 12” remix. “Gumshoe” is perhaps the most pensive track on the E.P. - murmured chanting drifts mysteriously throughout, while the beat goes in and out unpredictably. At 12:10 in length, “Hyperreal” conveys an almost Eno-esque minimalism, that is if Brian Eno had spent more time in Southeast Asia.

The closing track of “Evolve”, entitled “Paradigm Shift”, conveys hopes that Abhinav has for both himself as a musician and healer, as well as the global community. “I make music almost every day of my life, so these records are like an emotional journal through my life. I’m in a really happy, positive place, which might be in contrast to the situation the world finds itself in at the moment,” he says. "My music is changing, I’m evolving, and my hope is that when we come out of the challenges times we’re in now, that we will be more empathetic towards each other. This would require a paradigm shift, and we all will have our individual part in that. I want my music to be part of the soundtrack to that evolution."

The “Evolve” E.P. by Seeing Sounds is out December 4th on your favorite streaming and download services.


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